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2 Wheeled Guided Adventures In Sukhothai

Sukhothai, meaning the Dawn of Happiness, was a town founded in the 13th century and became the capital of the first truly independent Thai (Siamese) Kingdom after defeating the Khmers. The very best way to get around Sukhothai is by bicycle, which provides easy access to the city, the ancient ruins, and the rural surroundings.

Cycling Sukhothai Bicycle Tour is a small business promoting eco-tourism. All our bicycle tours go into the rural area where our experienced guides know how to show you the beauty of the Sukhothai area. They will explain all you have to know about farming and village life.

We really go deep into the countryside using tracks and trails used by the farmers themselves that zig-zag and swing alongside canals, rice fields passing authentic villages, local temples.

We use well maintained 24 speed mountain bikes, the most green and energy efficient machines, no fumes, no noise, leaving behind only the tracks of your tires in the dust.

Take only memories and leave only footprints

Sukhothai  Cycling Team



Thai-Belgian cycling enthusiast.Speaks Englishbike mechanic and driver

Mr. Ronny


Belgian cycling enthusiast. Speaks fluent Dutch, French, English and Thai.

Mrs. Mem


Our do it all, experienced tour guide. Full of energy funny and knows a lot about local lifestyle, culture, history and Buddhism.



Local tour guide. Has a lot of knowledge about plants, trees and what ever grows on the fields.



He is our do it all man. Driver, cleaning our bike equipment , bodyguard, service team...

Mrs. Koi


Our service team. Keep the group together and help our clients and tour guides, so everything goes smooth.